Designs by Ulusxs

Buy a fatmas shirt to show those around you that you have great taste in music and that you were among the first to discover us deep in the hidden recesses  of the internet.

We are excited to present to you these articles of clothing that show another aspect of our creativity and style apart from the fat tunes that we all love so much. 

The music that we, Sloppy Wallet and IronT have made is a personal expression of our inner worlds where as, the colourful art on these shirts has been created for us to represent the music and fortify the Fatmas brand by the up and coming teenaged artist Ulusxs.

 We are so happy with the images that she has made for us. These are unique one of a kind designs that we feel add an extra dimension to the Fatmas experience and bring it out of the purely aural realm and into a visual space of shape and form.

When you purchase one of these items and parade it proudly in the world of action you are doing your part in bringing the Fatmas phenomenon to life. 

For a Fatmas phenomenon  to come out of the realm of ideas and into our everyday world of time and passing is something that we as the bridge for the sound are really  looking forward to. 

These drawings build on and enhance our music with their own style and provide a channel through which we can all have another aspect of Fatmas to enjoy.


  Ulusxs.arts on instagram